Diverse Student Body

Equipping  Graduates to Honor God, Follow Christ, and Serve Humanity

Integration of Faith and Learning

Currently, there is a crisis in identity awareness, not just here at Whitworth, but at all colleges and universities in the United States. The crisis is in the accessibility of interfaith education, or more specifically the education of faith beliefs and practices outside of the majority, which would allow for students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni to have a better understanding of those whom they interact with. 


In order to help address this, I created a project that involves interviewing and taking portraits of those with different faith perspectives so as to better understand the current understanding of other faiths there currently is at our university. Together with these portraits, and research that I have done already regarding interfaith teaching at higher education institutions, I plan on creating a web page that connects all of this information back to Whitworth itself. The page will be organized based on Whitworth’s mission statement, focusing on our diverse student body, on how we are equipping our graduates, and how this is all carried out by a community of Christian scholars committed to excellent teaching and to the integration of faith and learning. 

Christians are called not to live in fear but to live in love. We have part of our US culture living in fear of the "other"