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Andy Weeks

     As an art administrator and a community leader, I believe in the importance of inclusivity and awareness of those around us for the purpose of creating a better world for us all. Not only can this be done through activism, speaking up, engaging with your neighbors, but it can also be done through art. In my career, I hope not only to be able to give people the opportunity to be comfortable with themselves and their personal identities, but also to allow for them to go out and make a chain-impact on connected communities throughout the world. I hope to work in the field of Higher Education, where I would be able to continue to help people make impacts on their campuses, and where I can still utilize the power of community arts to educate and bring people together.

     My topic of interest is in interfaith education and diversity and how this can make an impact on the educational and personal development of students. This has led me to many things, such as helping plan campus-wide events, doing research and conducting interviews, creating art installations, and even giving a TED Talk about Interfaith Education and Diversity at Whitworth University. This is an area in which I wish to continue studying and learning because of the immense lack of programming and awareness surrounding this subject at all colleges and universities across the United States.

I have experience working in various art institutions, both working on artistic and educational elements of big and small community projects and events. I have worked for larger organizations like the Smithsonian Institution and Whitworth University, as well as smaller galleries and nonprofits like the Terrain Gallery and the Spokane Valley Arts Council. I have an extensive resume of special event planning, for both large and small scale events, as well as general knowledge of business functions and financial planning for said events. My focus in this area is specifically regarding the research and development elements; the behind the scenes aspect that most people never see but is crucial for an event to be run properly. Research and policy are ways that I can see myself making the greatest impact going forward in my education, as through this I can affect actual, tangible change.



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